Delivering the science we need for the ocean we want

Recognizing the importance of the 2024 Ocean Decade Conference, taking place in Barcelona from 10 – 12 April 2024, the Azores Deep-sea Research Group (ADSR), at the University of the Azores, launched a short video about advancing the understanding of deep-sea ecosystems in a changing planet to inspire the society and inform policy.

The ADSR group develops UN decade relevant scientific research to “protect and restore deep-sea ecosystems and biodiversity” and to “promote skills, knowledge, and technology for all”. “Our work revolves around scientific exploration, filling existing knowledge gaps in deep-sea ecosystem structure, function, species occurrences and abundances, connectivity, and resilience. We also aim to uncover the impacts of human activities and climate change, while informing for a sustainable use of our oceans. Recognizing that the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development called for a reduced inequality in ocean research capacity to make the ocean accessible to all, we developed a cost-effective video platform designed to conduct rapid assessments of deep-sea and to democratize and scale-up deep-sea exploration. Acknowledging also the importance and the effort of everyone involved in this long journey, we offer you in this video a glimpse into our work and introduce you to our team.