Deliverable No.TitleLead BeneficiaryDue date (month)Link
D1.2Synthesis of current knowledge on deep-sea habitat degradationUAveiro18
D1.3Habitat Suitability Model for deep-sea habitats: present and futureIfremer40
D1.4Habitat models outputsIfremer44
D1.5Prioritization of deep-sea areas and habitats suitable for restoration activitiesUAveiro48
D2.1Report on the progress of site-specific restoration actionsUEDIN36
D2.2Report on initial restoration success of using 3D eco-reefs to restore damaged cold-water coral reefsNUI GALWAY44
D2.3Report assessing initial restoration success of the badminton method (hard-bottom coral garden habitats)UAc44
D2.4Report assessing initial restoration success of using enhanced badminton method to restore soft-bottom habitatsCSIC44
D2.5Report assessing initial restoration success of deploying Eco-structures to restoration cold (methane) seepsIOLR44
D3.1Workshop and report on available technologies and monitoringGEOMAR12
D3.2Standardized Lander - Definition and ConstructionCSIC24
D3.3Report on the long-term success of restoration interventionsNWO-I47
D3.4Robotic restoration approach on larger spatial scalesUGOT47
D3.5Monitoring - RoadmapCSIC48
D4.1Database of deep-sea ecosystem service valuesNUI GALWAY12
D4.2CBA ProtocolUAveiro24
D4.4Blueprint for the financing of active deep-sea restorationSERE36
D4.5Economic impact of deep-sea restoration at EU levelHCMR44
D5.1Deep-sea Restoration Governance Arrangements (journal article)WU28
D5.2Comparative analysis of active and passive DSRGAsWU36
D5.3Recommendations for future National Restoration PlansUAveiro39
D5.4Enhancing capacity buildingWU42
D5.5Positioning deep-sea restoration industriesWU48
D6.1REDRESS website and social mediaECOREACH SRL3
D6.2Dissemination & Communication Plans (initial)UNIVPM6
D6.3Networking, public engagement & communicationUNIVPM46
D6.4Dissemination & Communication Plans (final)UNIVPM48
D7.1Steering Committee - Advisory Board establishmentUNIVPM6
D7.2Data Management Plan & Knowledge and IPR PlanUNIVPM6
D7.3REDRESS first Annual meetingUNIVPM14
D7.4Data Management Plan (mid-term)UNIVPM24
D7.5REDRESS Second Annual meetingUNIVPM26
D7.6REDRESS Third Annual meetingUNIVPM38
D7.7Data Management Plan (final)UNIVPM48
D7.8Results at a glanceUNIVPM48
D7.9Final Annual meetingUNIVPM48